Local Listings

This document explains the features and limitations of our local listings and citation building services as well as what access and restrictions may be required in some cases.

Local Listings Agreement

This Agreement for SEO services is made by and between The Marketects, LLC (“Designer”), and (Client), for the performance of the services described in the proposal sent to the Client on or around today’s date.


The parties therefore agree as follows:


  1. This agreement, which is meant to encompass the entire content of this contract and any proposals or other documents that have been exchanged between Designer and Client during the course of negotiation and includes any supplemental items designated below, together with any exhibits, schedules or attachments hereto.
  2. Client agrees and understands that any electronic signature made herein by either Designer or Client, is meant to be given the same exact effect and weight as would a physical signature.
  3. Client understands this contract entitles The Marketects, LLC to represent Client’s company on search engines such as Google.
  4. Designer has exclusive rights to manage, maintain, promote or advertise on the behalf of Client’s company.
  5. Client understands Designer will add their site to Google My Business (GMB) and, in the GMB system, will be marked as an authorized representative of Client’s company.
  6. Client understands this process may take up to two weeks for Google to send a GMB verification code by mail. After that code arrives, Client has thirty (30) days to turn the verification code over to us before it expires. Only The Marketects, LLC can verify a Google listing after we claim the business.
  7. Designer reserves the right to charge for SEO services that are outside the scope of adding a site to Google or GMB services. This agreement is, in no way, promising to provide additional services beyond adding your site to GMB. Services such as monthly SEO packages, AdWords, AdSense, etc. are separate purchases and subscriptions.
  8. Client understands that Designer will represent their company on Google, and any changes that need to be made on Client’s GMB account must be made through Designer.
  9. Client agrees to give Designer reasonable time to make said changes, and must provide details of all changes needing to be done in a timely manner via email.
  10. By signing this agreement, you understand The Marketects, LLC will be in charge of all SEO and GMB services for Client’s company. The Marketects, LLC reserves the right to decline Client’s request to take over their own SEO/GMB account. It is up to the decision of The Marketects, LLC or any of its employees to turn over access. Be aware that turning over access may start the verification process over from the beginning and may adversely affect SEO rank.
  11. Client understands The Marketects, LLC reserves the right to charge additional fees for turning over account access to Client. This is to prevent accidental damage or changes that negatively effect Client’s SEO and GMB listing.
  12. If, in the event The Marketects, LLC refuses to turn over ownership, Client agrees to release Designer of any liability and waives their right to pursue legal action against The Marketects, LLC.
  13. Designer reserves the right to access GMB data including insights, metrics, rank, and more at any time. Designer may also use screenshots of your SEO listing, insights dashboard, and other account screens for reasons such as advertising and site content. If this content is used, it will always be in such a way that no sensitive data is made public.
  14. Client understands Designer is not responsible for guaranteeing a “5-Star” review from customers, and agrees to hold harmless Designer in the event customer reviews reflect negatively on Client’s company. It is the responsibility of Client to rectify those negative reviews in hopes of having the customer edit their original review.
  15. In an effort to maintain honesty, The Marketects, LLC may refuse Client’s request to hide negative reviews. In such an event, Client will need to show Designer an effort was made to rectify the situation with the customer. It is up to the decision of The Marketects, LLC or it’s employees whether or not to hide a review. Client understands hiding reviews may affect SEO rank, GMB rating, etc.


By signing this, you are agreeing to the terms above and are entering a legally binding agreement with The Marketects, LLC. By signing below, you are stating you have the authority to act on the behalf of your company, and understand this contract will be effective immediately.